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heads up #mastodon #security #privacy : you can paste an image *directly* from your clipboard (on Windows, not tried on Linux yet) into your toot (see below)

A cool feature, but might not always be desirable (nearly tooted a screenshot of router data at work (that I was going to send to my manager) by mistake, instead of pasting a URL into the toot.

I deleted this before it was sent but am not sure what happens to the original image on the server.

so be careful if "multitasking"!

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US politics 

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@Ambraven jusqu'à présent pour moi être adulte c'est un peu comme être ado mais avec des factures et de l'exploitation capitaliste en plus.

Aaaah la joie de Chronopost en campagne. Aucun appel ni mail ou autre, un livreur qui vient meme pas frapper a la porte et qui repart en laissant un recommande disant que meme pas il ne repassera !

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This lack of being able to have a job is really putting a huge cramp in everything I want to do. :[

I need help with Etherum mining. I'm not a big fan of the Claymore fee but it is faster than genoil on my 1070. Any idea why ?

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Nevermind, the HD version never came out, the game was great but didn't came out at the right moment so didn't make enough profit. Still gonna buy the old version tho :D


"Heroes of Annihilated Empires" :D

And guess what, an HD version came out in 2015 ! So great :D

After more searching, the game came out before 2010 for sure.
It's a real-time strategy fantasy game.
It was part of the free games available in the french magazine "PC Jeux"

Hey there tooters. I need help finding the name of an old strategy game :

I remember you could have on one side fairies and half-horse units, and other mystical creatures like that. On the other side you could be a necromancer and revive skeletons and the ground below your base would corrupt as you expend.

I believe the game came out late 2000s/Early 2010s

Any idea would be really apreciated !

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