Call of... Help?

Looking for a few people, who'd be willing to work together to host, manage, and contribute to a Mastodon Wiki.

We want to decentralize stuff like this, and not everything has to be under Gargron.

It will be a great place to collect things like how to help out (with other stuff than code), who to contact.
Contact info for server admins.

I know there are a few WikiMedia people around, who's up for it?

#NeedHelp #MastoTalk #Wiki #Wikimedia

Current people who volunteered after this call for help re: a #MastoWiki: we gather here.
Add yourself. Do not be shy. Let's do this.


Well, @Admin was fast. A first prototype/iteration is already available online here as a DokuWiki (the first framapad link seems to be broken, maybe this community is a bit too eager to contribute 🤣):

I quickly copy/pasted there the .txt I could get from the framapad.


Merci à @Admin pour sa rapidité. Le premier prototype est un DokuWiki, disponible sur
On a été rapides à cramer le framapad, du coup j'ai rapidement extrait les premières données que vous y avez contribué, et les ai déjà posées sur le dit wiki.

Joyeuses contribution, perso je vais au lit !


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