501,251 accounts
+1,579 in the last hour
+17,873 in the last day
+125,747 in the last week
1,296 active instances

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Congratulations @gargron !!
And thank you and all the other contributors! 🍍 #500000

@rysiek congrats to Mastodon, but don't overrate those numbers. It doesn't say much about the acutal user activity.

@rysiek @mcscx we are well aware. Which is why it's accounts and not users? 😂😎💞👌

I know so many people who have like 5 accounts, but they are the outliers

@maloki @mcscx also it's not like sockpuppet and fake accounts are not a problem on walled-garden social networks...

@rysiek @maloki yes, and also in my experience there are a lot of people who lose interest within some days or weeks after the "viral point"
@maloki @rysiek …which is why a better approach may be:counting the accounts that have actually posted at least 1 post within the last 7days

@mcscx @maloki by all means. This could fit neatly on the top graph as a third color (navy blue?) cc @Mastodon [email protected]

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