9Gag is on Mastodon, my life is complete now

@gex thought so too, I don't think Mastodon will ever become mainstream as Twitter.

It will be to Twitter what IRC was to AIM and MSN Messenger, the underground alternative for people who prefer a better platform

On a side note, Venezuelan government has been facing protests after inconstituonally dissolving the Congress, and the surge in oil prices will probably help them regroup

@pocketpc_ we'll see, the guy has proven to be calm as fuck and very sensible. He literally did nothing after his ambassador in Turkey was shot to death.

I never thought I'd say this, but a guy like Putin is what the world needs right now, when on the other we have a temperamental, trigger hapy, megalomaniac like Trump

Apparently, there were russians in the syrian base bombed by the USA

Syria: Apparently, the DoD notified Russia before the bombings. But still, being notified and being ok with it are two different things

@cphuntington97classic! Set firewall rules and forget about oneself

Putin has in his hands the power of starting, or stopping, WW III



@johann but the computers of people using the instance could not be tracked

@johann it would be a nice way to inform about politically sensitive events flying under the radar of authorities who might be interested in prosecuting and censoring

Would anyone be interested in a Mastodon instance hidden behind Tor?

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